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Prepared fresh daily like at home, 

                                                       ....but with a slightly larger kettle !​​

The meticulous batch cooking process we follow ensures

that each soup, sauce or marinade is produced with the highest level of quality and consistency every time. 

Twenty five plus years of culinary experience has taught us that what comes out of kettle is highly dependent on the integrity of the basic ingredients that go into the kettle.  This is why we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to produce each of our traditional recipes. 


With an ever growing number of amazing flavor profiles and countless variations such as gluten free, vegan, low sodium and low fat, our menu offerings are sure to satisfy your most discerning customers nutritional requirements and dietary concerns.  

​​Whether you are looking to simplify operations and improve execution at store level or to increase consistency across your entire network, the Flavorworks team is always ready to assist ! 

Image by Dennis Klein
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