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Todays consumers are looking for more than hydration as the popularity of “better for you”

beverages are leading the way with targeted benefits!

Global ingredient sourcing allow us to incorporate superfoods and adaptogens which enhance gut health and immunity, increase focus and energy levels, or relieve stress and  promote a restful night’s sleep.

Our R&D team is continuously experimenting with innovative and exotic ingredients from all over

the world like Camu-Camu, Ashwagandha Root, Gogi-Berries, Yuzu, Dragon Fruit, Matcha,

Hibiscus, or Reishi – Chaga – Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms to create exciting

and flavorful products that will always keep you a step ahead of the competition !

                                      - Teas & Elixirs, Infused Waters or Flavored Juice Beverages 

                                      - Functional, Replenishment, Hydration & Recovery Drinks

                                      - Herbal, Mushroom & SuperFood Enhanced Teas & Blended  Drinks

                                      - Nutritionally Enhanced Functional Beverages and Energy Drinks

                                      - Pre/Pro Biotic Supplemental, Immunity & Functional Shots


                       BEVERAGE PACKAGING OPTIONS

                                      -  Oz Single Shot Options                                                        

                                      -  8-48 Oz Hot or Cold-Fill Beverages Bottled in Glass or PET      

                                      -  64-128 Oz Handled or Wide Mouth Bottles                                                                 

                                      -  1-5 Gallon Pails 

                                      -  Bag-in-a-Box 

                                      -  Fiberboard or Metal Drums  

                                      -  EZ Ship Totes    

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