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​Are you currently producing an item too difficult and time consuming for your operations ? 
Have your sales volumes grown too large for you too keep up ? 
Seen an item you must have for your menu but don't know how to make it ?
Contact us today for an initial consultation !!!



 Our handmade specialty products division ​​offers turn-key solutions for your most challenging items.


 We specialize in high volume labor intensive products that our clients just can't or don't want to  continue producing due to their high labor costs, required culinary skills, time consuming inventory  management of specialty ingredients or a lack of sufficient  preparation time. 


 With a staff of over 1,200 fully trained associates we are always ready for any challenge !
​ Flavorworks offers a wide variety of handcrafted appetizers and hors d' oeuvres which are all custom  designed, formulated and produced in various sizes, shapes and weights depending on our customers  specifications. 
 Our Research & Development Chef's will work with you hand in hand to develop flavorful and unique    specialty food products which will spark customer interest, increase sales and add variety to your  menu.  We understand that many operations prefer to maintain a "made in-house" impression;  therefore, we offer many of our products as ingredient components or as a ready to eat finished  products.  
 Retail and Foodservice packaging options are available depending on your target market.
 With state of the art specialty foods processing facilities located in Georgia, Honduras, Nicaragua and  Guatemala, we are able to accommodate not only F.D.A. but also some U.S.D.A. inspected products  for export globally. 


 Our facilities operate under stringent H.A.C.C.P. programs as well as daily monitoring from both  certified governmental inspection agencies.  Authorized inspection agencies are broken into a two  category system similar to that of the United States.  These two inspection authorities operate  independently and monitor either seafood,  vegetable or meat and poultry products.  
 Standard operating procedures allow us to track all components utilized in the production of our  finished products throughout the entire process from farm to freezer, providing full traceability.
 Direct interaction with our own farms and contracted grower co-op's allows us the ability to continually  monitor growth rates, yields and time frames for harvest ​so we are always able to ensure year round  supply of raw materials to our further processing and value added operations.


 In house laboratories continually monitor incoming ingredients as well as the finished products we  produce, so everything is verified and certified prior to departure from our holding freezers  and cold  storage warehouses.


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