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1998 -  Grand opening of first specialty sauce & liquid processing operations in West Palm Beach, Florida.

            Constructed to provide specialty Asian sauces for a leading H.M.R. manufacturer, Alfresh Foods.

Ò1999 – Introduced compound butters & seafood spreads to our product line for Airline sales.

Ò2000 – Secured first In-flight catering contracts for Gate Gourmet & Sky Chefs. {First, Business & Coach Class}


2001Acquired "Food From Home" prepared foods & meal processing facility in upstate New York.
            Introduced production of fresh & frozen soup products to compliment meals & foodservice distribution. 
Ò2003 – Developed & Launched a full line of  specialty wing sauces for export to Central America.
            Introduced a full line of prepared Hispanic & Asian meals to our foodservice product line.
Ò2004 – Full line of premium Barbeque & Italian Sauces are added to expand existing product lines.
Ò2005 – Acquired Alfresh Foods meal preparation and further processing facilities in Riviera Beach, providing
            additional  growth, expansion as well as the opportunity to consolidate two Florida operations.  
            Acquisition provided immediate entry into the further processing industry with crab-cakes, appetizers                 and expansion of the prepared foods markets.


Ò2006 Initiated offshore production of handmade appetizers and hor's de oeuvres in Central America.
​            "Food From Home"  HMR, Soups & Meal Solutions operations sold.
Ò2007 First line of further processed crab-cakes and appetizers moved to Central America.
2008 -  Import/Export Division launched to facilitate trading of Hispanic products from Latin America.
Ò2009 – Introduced gourmet salad dressings and marinades to our foodservice product line.
2011 -  Agricultural growing networks established and implemented within Nicaragua & Guatemala. 
2012 -  Flavorworks Food Group formed to vertically integrate all facets of existing offshore operations into one
            coordinated effort by which agricultural, further processing and finished product sales are consolidated.
2013 -  Flavorworks Food Group commences construction and installations of a new further processing facility
             in Nicaragua with scheduled start up for the third quarter of 2014..



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