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            Welcome to Flavorworks, where we have been crafting exceptional food and beverage products for the retail,
                    food-service and industrial markets since 1998.  Our food scientist’s and culinary experts are passionate
about exceeding your expectations and making every meal an experience.

Flavorworks is your go-to source for tantalizing sauces, soups, marinades, spice blends and a full line of teas,

juices and specialty beverages.  

We use only the finest quality ingredients and batch processing techniques to ensure that everything we manufacture is consistently packed with bold flavor and the longest possible shelf life.  

Whether you are looking to create a new line of products or already have your own award-winning recipes, our team of turnkey private labeling experts are ready to guide you through each stage of the commercialization and regulatory approval process.  

Our state and federal inspected manufacturing operations are centrally located in Florida, with great proximity to domestic markets and a variety of port locations for international exports.


With a company history steeped in culinary excellence, you can trust us to help you develop unique and innovative products that will elevate your dishes to new heights and separate your company from the mainstream. 




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