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Ready to take your award winning BBQ rub to market,
                                                                                                             ...our team is ready to assist !

We offer an extensive library of delectable vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood seasoning blends,

rubs and dry mixes to cover all your retail, foodservice and industrial needs.

Packaging options range from a few ounces for retail, to standard 4 pouches foodservice,

or bulk boxes and drums for industrial applications.

Work In Progress {W.I.P.} Bag Preparations for Manufacturing Applications

Low minimum order requirements make getting started simple.

      Our turn-key services take away the stress and simplify the process !

                                             -  Customized Formulations & Blending Services

                                             -  Retail Packaging Design & Sourcing Services

                                             -  Graphic Design & labeling Assistance

                                             -  Nutritional Label Creation & Regulatory Compliance Guidance Services

                                             -  E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

                                             -  Floor Stock Agreements & Distribution Services

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