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​We are proud to offer our newest line of great tasting and innovative “Gluten Free and Allergy Free” products.  Our products are "All Natural" and do not contain any artificial ingredients.

These lab certified coating systems were developed to eliminate the top 8 food allergens plus corn derivatives which account for over 90% of allergic reactions. 


                     Specifically these top 8 allergens are as follows:

  2.                                                          1)  Wheat
  3.                                                           2)  Soy​
  4.                                                           3)  Peanuts​
  5.                                                           4)  Tree Nuts​
  6.                                                           5)  Eggs​
  7.                                                           6)  Milk​
  8.                                                           7)  Fish​
  9.                                                           8)  Shellfish​
  10.                                                       *    Corn & Corn Derivatives​


Our proprietary formulations allow us to produce all your favorite meat and poultry products in a manner which is suitable for anyone following a stringent “Gluten Free Casein Free diet”.  [G.F.C.F.] 

Seafood products are also available with our Gluten Free Casein Free coating systems but will not be considered "Allergy Free" due to their incorporation of fish and shellfish ingredients.


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