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Ready to take your award winning BBQ Rub or Secret Spice Blends to market...

                                                      .... our team is ready to assist.

We offer an extensive library of delectable vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood seasoning blends,

rubs and dry mixes to choose from for all your retail, foodservice and industrial needs.

Packaging options range from a few ounces for retail, to standard 4 pound foodservice,

or bulk boxes and drums for industrial applications.

Low minimum order requirements make getting started simple.


                  Our turn-key services take away the stress and simplify the process !

Customized Formulations & Blending Services                                  

- Retail Packaging Design & Sourcing Services 

- Graphic Design & Labeling Assistance

- Nutritional Label Creation & Regulatory Compliance Guidance Services

- E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

​- Floor Stock Agreements & Distribution Services



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