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Whether you are looking for a signature crabcake, specialty appetizer or a delicious crunchy coated meat or poultry product, our inline further processing operations are capable of producing a wide variety of par-cooked and fully cooked items. 

Conveniently located just outside Atlanta, Georgia in the heart of poultry country our central locations allow us to service all regions from the North, South and West in a timely manner.  

High volume processing lines allow us to consistently manufacture whole muscle and formed products alike using your choice of coating systems in a cost-effective manner.  Our technologically advanced single pass and multi-stage batter breading equipment  can produce everything from a lightly dusted crispy coating to a  hearty "Southern style" crunchy coating accommodating all price points from cost-conscious “value chains” and fast casual multi-unit franchises to higher end white tablecloth restaurants and first class in-flight catering.

In addition to servicing  the airlines, foodservice distributors and a number of retail supermarket chains we are also well versed in exporting products to the Islands as well as Central and South America.


We are always open to entering new distribution relationships with emerging global markets so call today to find out what great products we can offer to assist you with building your business !





Our most popular retail packaging options are the stand up, resealable printed bags but there are numerous packaging options available which are tailored to fit most all budgets.

Retail products are offered as either a filled printed bag or as a poly bag inside a printed bag to provide the highest level of freshness and the longest possible shelf-life.

Foodservice packaging is offered as desired but is most commonly produced as a bulk box with a poly liner or as a bulk box with two 5 pound sealed poly bags.  


Industrial packaging options are offered for meal component providers as desired in larger bulk box format.


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