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​Flavorworks Food Group is  a solutions oriented "turn-key" food products provider with highly diversified operations based out of beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida.  Flavorworks Food Group is a partnership of leading food industry entrepreneurs from all facets of the agricultural industry.  Our mission in forming this group was to actualize a truly vertical operation ensuring full traceability; therefore, our team is comprised of professionals specializing in all aspects of our operations, literally from the ground up !


​The principals comprising this group bring a wealth of knowledge, cultural diversity and over 125 years of combined experience encompassing all aspects of the agricultural, culinary and a wide variet of food processing industries.  


Specifically our team consists of agronomists, soil scientists, experienced farmers, food scientists, culinologists, further processing experts, sales executives and business development specialists.


Having worked together independently for the past 6 years on multiple projects across North, Central and South America, our team  decided to finally bring all of our talents and abilities together as a single entity.   This cumulative experience provided us the the ability to not only locate the best agricultural lands for particular crops on various continents but also the ability to process, package and market these products on an International level.  Although our expertise has been focused on differing areas of the food industry there is a common passion between us all... GREAT FOOD & GREAT FOOD PRODUCTS !!! 

It is this passion that brought us together and has been the catalyst for all of our innovation and success. 

Teamwork, ingenuity and a wide range of contacts has provided us the opportunity to begin focusing our efforts on "turnkey solutions" for the food industry.   Vertical integration of our operations has allowed us to control our own destiny as we are able to monitor agricultural operations every step of the way literally from our farms to your table.   

Contact us today to find out what solutions we have for you !



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